[FIXED] HTTP Error while uploading media in WordPress

Hello Friends,
Today, I will show you how to fix HTTP Error in WordPress. This is a very simple fix. Please read the full post and you will definitely get shocked after knowing the fix.  The fix is 100% tested and it works.


Error Message:

While uploading any images in WordPress for any reason,  you may get the below error message:


<em><strong>HTTP Error</strong></em>


Note: Other images in the snapshot are not showing, as I have disconnected the internet connection before loading the images.



If your internet connection is lost, you will get such error message while uploading the image.



Check your internet connection and make it active. Now try to upload the image once again, you will be able to upload it without any issue.
If you still  face any issue regarding, please let me know. I will be more than happy to assist you.

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