Difference between ‘systemctl halt’ and ‘systemctl poweroff’

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Today, I will discuss the difference between ‘systemctl halt‘ and ‘systemctl poweroff‘.

Many of us get confused when someone ask “Do you know the difference between  ‘systemctl halt’ and ‘systemctl poweroff’ or simply ‘halt and poweroff’. This is because the answer of this question is almost same.

Here is the difference between ‘systemctl halt’ and ‘systemctl poweroff’:


systemctl halt:

halt basically instructs the hardware to stop all the CPU functions but leaves the CPU (machine) powered on. This state is useful when we need to get a system to a state where we can perform low level maintenance tasks. In this case, the physical machine will be in running state. Below snapshot will give you a clear idea about this.



systemctl poweroff:

poweroff is exactly like halt , but it also turns off the unit itself (lights and everything on a PC). The background process is, poweroff sends an Advanced Configuration Power Interface (ACPI) command to the board, then it sends to the PSU to cut the power. In this case, the physical machine will be powered off.



I hope this will clear the thin difference between halt and poweroff. For more information, you can check the manual page ( man ) for this command. You can also check the man page of these command via:


Note: systemctl is an utility used in CentOS7.

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