Access WHM without password

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In this post,we will learn how to access WHM without password.

Yes, it is possible. But the condition is, you must have SSH access to the server.

Here is the solution:

Login to your server via SSH and execute the below command:

whmapi1 create_user_session user=root service=whostmgrd

Once you execute the above command, you will get a temporary URL. Copy the URL and access it in your browser. You will be able to access WHM without any issue.



whmapi1: It is a API of WHM, which uses all the features of the WHM. For more detailed explanation, refer cPanel documentation.

whostmgrd: It is a service for WHM. Below are some services in cPanel server.

cPanel (cpaneld)
WHM (whostmgrd)
Webmail (webmaild)
Web Disk (cpdavd)
FTP (ftpd)
SSH (sshd)
SMTP (smtp)
POP3 (pop3)
IMAP (imap)

NOTE: Once you logged out from WHM, the session will expire. To access WHM again, you need to create the session once again by the same command.


Access WHM of reseller account “shekhar”:

Use the below command to access WHM for a reseller account:

whmapi create_user_session user=shekhar service=whostmgrd

Note: WHM API will be whmapi for reseller and whmapi1 for root.

If you have any doubt, feel free to let me know. I will be more than happy to assist you.

Thank you.


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