[FIXED] Maximum number of connections from user+IP exceeded


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Many of us are using mail client for our mails. Sometimes, we configure our mails as IMAP and sometimes we configure our mails POP.

Error Message:


Maximum number of connections from user+IP exceeded

Feb 21 18:31:41 ssd0 dovecot: pop3-login: Maximum number of connections from user+IP exceeded (mail_max_userip_connections=3): user=<user@domain.com>, method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=, session=<QsOr+5WD+ts>




You will face issue in sending/receiving mails for your domain, if your mails are configured in the mail client.



When you configure the mails in your mail client using POP, you may get the above error. This error generally occurs with POP and not IMAP, as the limit of POP settings in the server is very low (3 or 5). However the limit of IMAP settings in the server is high (atleast 20 number of connection). In the above error, we could see that the limit is 3 in the server.




Edit the file dovecot.conf present in the folder “/etc” and check the parameter “mail_max_userip_connections”. This will be set to 3.

Increased it to a higher value and the issue will be fixed.

Note: In the file “dovecot.conf“, there will be two entry for “mail_max_userip_connections” (one for IMAP and one for POP). Generally if you open the file “dovecot.conf” and search for “mail_max_userip_connections“, you get get the entry for IMAP first. Do not confuse with the value. Read two or three lines above of the “mail_max_userip_connections“, then you will get whether the current search result is for IMAP or POP.

Alternatively, in the logs it is saying mail_max_userip_connections=3, that means the limit is set to 3. So search your entry accordingly and increase the value.

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